Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saiban-shi pt. II and Kimono

New pictures, yay!
The kimono is wool, with little butterflies woven into it. So, I wore a haori that had butterflies and falling momiji on it.
Sometimes, I don't like wearing tabi all the time. Despite kimono being so strict now, I really enjoy wearing them the way that I like. So, when I feel like not wearing tabi, then I'm not going to wear tabi!

For Saiban, I wanted it to seem like she stole some new clothing recently. Next year, I think I'll plan out my outfit a little bit better!



  1. Kimono is only strict due to wanting to take control and make money off it. Believe me poor people of edo and meiji did not follow these rules to a T if there were any at all, and before edo... there were hardly rules unless in a higher class society.
    Kimono school = ripoff they make you buy so much you DON'T need at all or can get for hella cheap somewhere else. Its all commercialized.

    anyways you look cute and im so jealous of your kimono patterns I love them *V*

  2. The time you have to care about manners is only in the most formal situations. I think kimono is a kind of fashion, and fashion is freedom!

    I love the colors of your kimono with butterflies! This wool kimono & simple obi are matching well with your bare foot & Geta. (^o^)
    And your Halloween costume is fancy too! Is this Hakama for your Kendo? It's very good along with high Geta!

    Sorry if you already knew it...
    When we wear Haori, we fold its neckband to outside. We fold all width of neckband at front of body. And at back of neck, we fold half width of it.
    When I wore Haori for the first time, I didn't know it and wore in wrong way. (^-^;)
    If you didn't know it, try in this way with Haori-himo!

  3. Hi,Jen. It's haori season now. your cordinate is little "jimi", I think .If I was you, try something more girlish. anyway, you look so cute.White(?) haori is verry nice. (^0^)/

  4. Steph, Thanks! That's how I feel too, love. You know what I've never used? Eri Shin.

    Oden, I'm not sure what you mean about the Haori. Can you explain better?

    Nonko, I know. I wear so much dull things. @_@ :)

  5. Jen, I'm sorry about my poor English!
    I'll write about Haori at my site and let you know the update, in few months. :)