Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things I bought recently

This hanhaba obi. Is it a little too flashy? It reminds me of a Maru obi. It looks worn, but I hope it's wearable!

This Nagoya obi is really cute for fall. Maybe I'll wear it to the Japanese festival? Oh, what will I wear it with?

I love these Zori, but the straps are a little tight. I've been applying hot water to the straps and wearing them around. They have become loose, but not loose enough!

It's very important that I buy a lot of Tabi, Hanhaba obi and Hadajuban, soon. I also need zori rain covers! It's very hard to find tabi for 21 cm feet. \(-_-)/


  1. oh,you have good zori.I'm searching some zori like that on net-auction, but allmost is too small for me. My size is 24. (~_~)
    your that zori is maybe lighter ?
    You wear hadajuban usually? I don't. usuall under wear + susoyoke + nagajuban + kimono.when yukata,I wear yukatashita + yukata.
    And....cute white nagoya obi, that's may be for summer, if I wear it. ^-^ white reminds cool feeling.

  2. Oh! 24 CM is big on me, because my feet are 21 cm! They usually sell bigger geta and zori on english auction sites, so it can be hard for me to find good sizes. We seem to have a similar problem. (-_-)/

    I wish i had susoyoke! But, they are hard to find.
    What is Yukatashita? Hadajuban are easy to get in the United States.

    I think it's a good August obi! Maybe early September, too.

  3. well, susoyoke is simple, may be you can make it by yourself.
    and yukatashita is a short juban without eri and sode like this site

    called yukata slip.

  4. Hey! You're right! Maybe I should make my own! (I never thought of that. (~_~); )

    oh, I guess what I have is called a Yukata slip, then! That's what i wear under my kimono and juban as underwear.

    I think I'll start to make my own Susoyoke and Yukata slip! It will be less expensive!