Thursday, July 30, 2009

OH NO!! (T^T)!!!

I just caught my yukata sleeve on something and it didn't just pull the seams out, it ripped the sleeve!
It ripped right on the grain..!! Can I save it?? *Cries*

It's ruineeedd!!


  1. AH! I'm so sorry that happened O_O Don't make yukata like they used to, ne? lol

    Hmm maybe you could sew it up and add a strip of lace, or some other fabric over it to decorate the sleeve? And just do the same with the other sleeve, and maybe around the hem and collar of the yukata... to make it look like it's supposed to be there?

    I love this outfit ^-^

  2. This yukata was from the 70's, (I don't buy Modern Yukata, they all look the same! haha) So it's fairly old.
    I'm trying to decide on a solution. I'm not much for adornments on kimono. I was thinking that maybe I could "embroider" the the rip, matching the colors the best I can. Gah. XD

  3. Oh,no! that's little serious...
    I hope you will wear it outside , but I don't know best solution...sorry.

  4. I used to repair things like that this way: I used to secure the torn edges on an overlock. Than I put the torn clothing on the left side, and took a good textile glue and a piece of matching textile, longer than the tear. I than glued the farbic that way, that the tear was on the midle of the textile - I just made a patch, and lastly, I delicately sew through both the textile and the patch. The patch stayed inside and was barely or not at all visibe.