Sunday, July 12, 2009

No kimono today

Maybe tonight. :]

I'm watching a Michael Jackson tribute. God, i love him.

What do you like better? Modern Kimono or Vintage kimono?
I think modern kimono has charm, but I like vintage better. Vintage is much more beautiful!


  1. oh,new photo on your profile. With perfect kitsuke. Graet!
    I'm surprised to know that japanese charms is eraser.
    I have some real charms ("omamori") that my hus got at shrines(jinja). But can not erase anything

    Vintage is much more beatiful, I think so.too.

  2. Oh! Thank you!
    Usually, I try very hard on my kitsuke, but the past few days have been bad. (-_-)/ Oh well.

    The charms are so cute! I want to buy some real Omamori someday!