Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Kendo was nice yesterday. Since a lot of people were on vacation, it was a pretty relaxed class.
Since our instructor was off teaching two beginners, my two senpai (Mark and Dennis), James, and I practiced.

Guido asked me to make him a flyer for the Japanese Festival, for kendo, and I was supposed to give it out. I asked, "Can I be the pretty girl in the kimono who gives out papers to onlookers?" And he said, "Yeah!" And James chimed in and forgot what he was saying, and Guido said to him, "oh, you want to be the pretty girl in the kimono?"
And, we all laughed.

Whoot~ <3

That last picture is of Guido (facing you) and Mark (Facing away)
Guido says Mark needs to become more angry when he fights, becasue he's too passive. I think he got better at that this time around. :)


  1. I wish I was strong and brave to do kendo! I am definately more of a Kyudo girl haha. When I come visit you I want to watch you do Kendo! I'll swoon! カッコイイよ!カッコイイよ!
    You can do it, I know you can, you're sensei is right that he sees something in you.

  2. Wow,you are so cool!! I wish I larned something about "do"(道,sa-do,ka-do,kyu-do,ju-do) indeed.
    When I said that I wish I was more strong! to my hus someday, and he said "you are enough" ^0^

  3. Lmao, Kakkoiiyo!
    Thanks, lover!

    Nonko, Thanks!
    Aw! that's sweet! You're husband must be wonderful. It's true!

  4. Yeah you are so cool and cute! I used to play kendo. When I was a highschool girl... I am (was?) shodan the first grade. I still have my wooden sword at my futon side in case for emergency. haha.

  5. Haha! Wow, Shino!
    I've been hit in the nose with a shinai. It really hurts! @_@ I think you could easily stop a robber. :)