Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm not a big fan of road trips. I don't like them. I especially don't like them if I'm going somewhere I'd rather not be.
I'm an unusual person. I don't like beaches very much, and I don't enjoy the ocean. I actually enjoy cities more.

Otherwise, I got to see my grandmother after many years and that was nice.
I also went to a Japanese restaurant and it was wonderful! There were kimono on the walls and Shibori noren.

Oh! And recently, I have an obsession with:
Saitou Hajime
And Susumu Yamazaki!

Yay! :D
Anyway, today I'm going to wear a yukata! Very exciting. I'll make sure to take pictures.


  1. Hi,Jen, That was so nice you meet grandmother.you also enjoyed japanese food.
    I like enjoying cities,too. new style shop,restaurant,souvenir shop... more fun rather than famous place.Because I am a woman??

  2. Hi!
    I think it's fun to shop and go out to eat as well. My favorite place to go is the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. It's so wonderful!!