Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally!! Tabi that fit!

I finally found tabi that fit me!! I have small feet for an American. 21 cm! But, people who sell to Americans for kimono usually sell sizes medium and above. I need a size small in most everything, because I'm such a small person! (~_~);
But, they don't sell small often.
I'm going to buy all the small tabi I can from this seller!


  1. I often find a small tabi on the kids corner of some kimono shop, but it is about 16-19 cm. adult size tabi is 23 cm most. I guess your kimono size is best match with antique kimono(meisen) don't you? I envy you, uh.(^-^)

  2. Nonko, Sometimes I can fit in 19 cm tabi, but they can't be cotton, only stretchy material.
    21 cm must be an unusual foot size!

    Actually, yes! Some kimono I own are too big for me, and they are vintage! I fit best in meisen kimono and such.

    Thank you for the comment! You're so wonderful! <3

  3. I guess we have opposite problems! Your feet are just small and mine are just big haha. When I return to Asakusa I will try to find all the smalls I can and grab them for you. I have to find tabi for 25.5 cm as well for me but everything seems to run 23-24cm most commonly.

    Tomorrow I'll be finished redoing my Kimono blog =)