Monday, July 13, 2009

Aoi sora, Aoi Kimono!

Blue kimono today! I love blue!! <3

I always have trouble with the tare of my taiko. It's hard to make it look less crumpled, if the obi is synthetic.


  1. well,bright blue kimono good match on navy blue obi.
    your kitsuke is perfect.when did you master it?
    How did you learn? (*▽*) you seem like a teacher of "sado"(green tea) (^0^)

    Otaiko is well...,I'm not good at.When I try that,take more & more time than han haba.


  2. Nonko, for some reason, I am better at Taiko Kitsuke than Hanhaba Kitsuke.
    About a year ago, I began to work on making my kitsuke very neat. I taught it all to myself. (^0^)

    Ganbatte! I believe in you!

  3. I see, maybe, why you came over to my blog (The Blue Kimono) last week. Thanks for your visit. Yours is so interesting. I'm enjoying it; thank you.


  4. Hey, thanks, I saw blue kimono, and obviously thought kimono, but found some pretty interesting stuff! Especially Evelyn.