Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 minute obi!!

Seeing how fast i could tie an obi, with an annoying Nagoya and the most annoying obi age and obi jime I own.

That obi is a bit dark, but, it's a plain red nagoya! Maybe i should brighten it up. The dark is so sad and funeral-like...


  1. make me a tutorial for my Nagoya XD I really want to wear it but OMGAWD nothing I find helps me im always all confused and blah...
    You're so cute and itty bitty *snuggles*

  2. Brighten it up? ...if I were you, I would totally paint cute strawberries on the taiko... ^^; Of course, I'm not really sure if that would match most kimono. ^^; It sure would be cute, though... A muji obi is kind of like a canvas...

  3. I'm such a terrible artist, i would fail!!
    But, I mean like pink or yellow accessories might brighten it up a bit. I think it's a good obi for multiple uses. (^A^)/

  4. Wow,that is good obi,maybe easy to cordinate.If I wore it,tried embroidery or patchworks...
    Muji obi is little quiet for young girl as like you. It reminde a jochu-san(waitress) at Japanese ryokan. ^^;

  5. It is an easy obi to coordinate! It feels so dark and sad with the black... (~_~);
    haha! I guess it is a little quiet! But the embroidery idea sounds nice... I wonder if i could do it, or get it done... hrrm