Thursday, July 30, 2009

OH NO!! (T^T)!!!

I just caught my yukata sleeve on something and it didn't just pull the seams out, it ripped the sleeve!
It ripped right on the grain..!! Can I save it?? *Cries*

It's ruineeedd!!


This was the Yukata that I was supposed to wear on Kendo day. Obviously, because of the rain, I was unable.
My bow is a little crooked, but it refused to cooperate! That's alright, I guess.

This might be the outfit I wear on the first day of School. (*A*)/


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ah, Rain.

Becasue it began to rain before kendo, I decided not to wear a yukata. *Sigh*
But, that's okay.
It's sad, though. Kendo Practice isn't next week! Gah, what'll I do?

I've had some trouble lately folding Hakama. I can't fold them right!
I have to save for Kendo Bogu, so I think I might start selling a few kimono items that I don't wear. Fun!

Post later!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm not a big fan of road trips. I don't like them. I especially don't like them if I'm going somewhere I'd rather not be.
I'm an unusual person. I don't like beaches very much, and I don't enjoy the ocean. I actually enjoy cities more.

Otherwise, I got to see my grandmother after many years and that was nice.
I also went to a Japanese restaurant and it was wonderful! There were kimono on the walls and Shibori noren.

Oh! And recently, I have an obsession with:
Saitou Hajime
And Susumu Yamazaki!

Yay! :D
Anyway, today I'm going to wear a yukata! Very exciting. I'll make sure to take pictures.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally home!

I'm tired, though. I don't like vacation much.
I'll be posting soon on my trip! <3

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm in Florida today, and we went to a japanese place and there were kimono all over the walls and it was really cool!
Anyway, ill be home and posting soon


Sunday, July 19, 2009

The panel was great today!

Too bad I don't have any pictures! Gah! I forgot my camera.

I'm going to florida tomorrow. I haven't started packing my things, uggggh!

I want ot indulge in Japanese Summer like Reborn!! <3

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kimono panel tomorrow

I'm packing up all my kimono (a lot of them, anyway) So that I can take them to a Convention.
I'm gunna be teaching people how to dress in kimono, and I'm going to teach them about kimono.
It'll be fun! I'm not sure what I'll be wearing, though.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 minute obi!!

Seeing how fast i could tie an obi, with an annoying Nagoya and the most annoying obi age and obi jime I own.

That obi is a bit dark, but, it's a plain red nagoya! Maybe i should brighten it up. The dark is so sad and funeral-like...


I won some Geta on Ebay
They're a little boring, but They'll match a lot of things!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Kendo was nice yesterday. Since a lot of people were on vacation, it was a pretty relaxed class.
Since our instructor was off teaching two beginners, my two senpai (Mark and Dennis), James, and I practiced.

Guido asked me to make him a flyer for the Japanese Festival, for kendo, and I was supposed to give it out. I asked, "Can I be the pretty girl in the kimono who gives out papers to onlookers?" And he said, "Yeah!" And James chimed in and forgot what he was saying, and Guido said to him, "oh, you want to be the pretty girl in the kimono?"
And, we all laughed.

Whoot~ <3

That last picture is of Guido (facing you) and Mark (Facing away)
Guido says Mark needs to become more angry when he fights, becasue he's too passive. I think he got better at that this time around. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My sensei gave me an AWESOME comment today...

I'll talk about it, with photos, tomorrow!

Kendo is today~!

Because of Michael Jackson's Memorial last week, I didn't get to do any kendo, because I was so upset for such a long time during the memorial that I basically ran out of energy.
So, I'm having Kendo withdrawl.

I'm so glad Guido is back, he's such a fun teacher. Also, I can't wait to see what Yoshi, the guy I've never met, can do. He's been doing kendo in Japan for a long time.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally!! Tabi that fit!

I finally found tabi that fit me!! I have small feet for an American. 21 cm! But, people who sell to Americans for kimono usually sell sizes medium and above. I need a size small in most everything, because I'm such a small person! (~_~);
But, they don't sell small often.
I'm going to buy all the small tabi I can from this seller!

Aoi sora, Aoi Kimono!

Blue kimono today! I love blue!! <3

I always have trouble with the tare of my taiko. It's hard to make it look less crumpled, if the obi is synthetic.

I've been having a lot of bad dreams lately.

At least one every night. They make me wake up at weird times of the night, and I'm not getting a very good sleep... Hrm.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things I bought recently

This hanhaba obi. Is it a little too flashy? It reminds me of a Maru obi. It looks worn, but I hope it's wearable!

This Nagoya obi is really cute for fall. Maybe I'll wear it to the Japanese festival? Oh, what will I wear it with?

I love these Zori, but the straps are a little tight. I've been applying hot water to the straps and wearing them around. They have become loose, but not loose enough!

It's very important that I buy a lot of Tabi, Hanhaba obi and Hadajuban, soon. I also need zori rain covers! It's very hard to find tabi for 21 cm feet. \(-_-)/


I want to wear kimono to college.
But, I will need your support! I want to wear a kimono to Japanese class.

Ah, I need more Haori.
Despite being a Men's wool coat...
I think it would be a very chic thing for a woman to wear, too! I'm thinking about buying it. What do you think?

No kimono today

Maybe tonight. :]

I'm watching a Michael Jackson tribute. God, i love him.

What do you like better? Modern Kimono or Vintage kimono?
I think modern kimono has charm, but I like vintage better. Vintage is much more beautiful!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I wouldn't hate laundry so much if it wasn't 3 stories down. Ugh

I'm not here to look good.

I got chores to do~

God, that obi is ugly.

Koppugi time!

Time to clean house! \(-_-)/

Friday, July 10, 2009

Old lady kimono!!

My Favorite!!
No really, I do like subdued kimono a lot. Bright colors feel too ridiculous on me.

Meet Hanhaba taiko!! The most comfortable bow in the world.

It's cute, too. :]

My kitsuke was REALLY ugly tonight, though. Ergh. Makes me want to ralf up my lunch.

Are there pop rocks in japan? Hrm.

What kimono should I wear tonight? Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow, I think I might wear a kimono out in public (the Mall) for the first time in ages. I have to get over this weird-ass fear soon. It may have been situation with that kid named Corey, or maybe it was that crazy family event that I wasn't expecting, but I've been wary of wearing one lately.

I think this is the first time I've admitted my new-found fear in wearing one in public, though. I used to do it so freely, and now... well...
Maybe I'm just being dramatic.

Ah well.

Look what I found!

I just went to the local crafts store, and I was surprised to find Iwako erasers!!
And, even better, they had the Japanese Charm set!
I would love to have the Ema set though. Maybe I can request them. ;]

I need...

I need more Han Haba obi and Tabi socks, the most. I also need haori.

I have a tendency to find myself searching and bidding on other things I don't need.

I fell behind on buying Tabi, now, I have none. This is kind of an issue. I'm also lacking Hanhaba...

I'm also out of room to store things. @_@ They don't sell the drawers I use to store kimono anymore. Ahhh, issues.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home, and sleepy.

Went to James' house, watched him play Ninja Gaiden II. We made fun of it most of the time becasue we're horrible, lmao

This kimono is a ro komon with cranes on it.

Wearing a ro kimono with white cranes tonight~ ohhh, fun

Are Meisen Kimono Flammable?

...Hrrrm. I wonder.
Testing my text blogging!

Hello World

This is my Kimono blog, with a touch of life involved.
Here's my deal;

When I began a love for kimono, I was into Gothic Lolita, Wa-loli stuff. I was pretty much only obsessed with that.
My kimono adventure began August 2007 when I bought my first kimono. It was at a Japanese festival, and it was a kimono for a 13 year old girl. I thought it fit me perfectly. Using the obi from my Gothic Lolita, with the zipper on the side, I wore it during the festival:

Basically, a failure.
After that horrible situation, I went at it and actually started doing some research and I found out that I was dong everything wrong.
okay! Fine, I'll get a real obi and juban!

...Okay, okay, not... uhm... Ew.

SO. I learned from THOSE mistakes, and tried AGAIN.

okay, okay, not so bad, uhm...
Wrong season, crap.

As you can see, kimono is filled with a lot of... trials and tribulations. We all have to start somewhere.
I am never one to worry too much of formality. I DO worry about proper wear and accessories but I will never fret too much over if my juban is a formal color or if my collar looks a little funny. I do not wish to look like a Geiko or a Maiko. I just want to be me. I want to wear me. I want to mirror the seasons, as well as my feelings. They were just clothes once. Not a special costume that cost more than an arm and a leg. I attempt to give the the kimono that special "just clothes" charm that it used to have.

I'm not an expert, I'm not trying to be. I don't know the different names of Maiko, I'm not all that sure what era that kimono came from, I think iro-muji dont get enough love for their simplicity and how easy they are to wear (most of us don't do tea ceremony.) I don't like Furisode all that much, and I'm not a fan of flashy kimono.

But, hopefully, you'll read my posts and enjoy yourself.